Michael Strasser
One Universe, 2022

07 >> 22.05.2022 Exhibition

Michael Strasser

One Universe

11:00 - 19:00
at Galerie A4

The presentation of this yearʼs INNSBRUCK INTERNATIONAL Special Recognition Award at the venue Tourismus Information Innsbruck marked the opening of INNSBRUCK INTERNATIONAL. INNSBRUCK INTERNATIONAL has set itself the task of honouring artists with a connection to Tyrol in order to support them in their further development and profiling in an
international context.
Previous award winners are Heidrun Sandbichler (2016), Addie Wagenknecht (2018) and Julia Rhomberg (2020). This recognition involves a possibility for showing or exhibiting the artist’s work and the production of new works. This year, the award will be granted to artist Michael Strasser.
Places and their history often serve as a starting point for Michael Strasserʼs research-based works, which are realized in a wide variety of media and oscillate between photography, video, installation, sculpture, and performance. For INNSBRUCK INTERNATIONAL, he examined the history of the building at Angerzellgasse 4, which houses Galerie A4 and serves as the inspiration for his work and his exclusive solo exhibition, One Universe.


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