Nada Prlja
AUSTRIA(N), 2020
T-Shirts, handbemalt/shirts hand-painted

07 >> 22.05.2022 Exhibition

Nada Prlja


at Public Space

Nada Prljaʼs work challenges the critical discourse around issues of politics, nationalism, transitional experiences of former socialist countries (and their populations), human rights, and migration. In her work, she engages with the political and historical context of a particular site and situates it within its underlying social context. These themes are also present in her work AUSTRIA(N). Innsbruck becomes the public exhibition space for this intervention, which uses T-shirts hand-painted with the title in the various native languages of immigrants. Prlja thus contests the entrenched notions of national identity and proposes an alternative (expanded) definition of what it means to be Austrian while also defining, isolating, and framing identity as something unique.


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