Super-8-mm, je/each 200 Sek/sec
Courtesy of Cinématon und die Künstler*innen / and the artists

07 >> 22.05.2022 Exhibition

Hellmut Bruch

Thomas Feuerstein

Florian Horwath

Nora Schöpfer

Micha Wille

Guillermo Tellechea


11:00 >> 18:15
at Kreuzgang Servitenkloster

As part of INNSBRUCK INTERNATIONAL, artist and filmmaker Guillermo Tellechea has been portraying Tyrolean artists in the format of Cinématons, single-take film portraits in Super 8 format, since 2013. Tellechea revived the format pioneered by Gérard Courant at the end of the 1970s, in which someone being filmed is given the opportunity to reveal ‘essential truths of their being’ in one take and over precisely 200 seconds (Courant, 1989). The director has no role in staging the performances.
Since the inaugural edition of the biennial, they have featured Paul Albert Leitner, Dieter Henke and Marta Schreieck, Annja Krautgasser, Martin Philadelphy, Daniel Pöhacker, Eva Schlegel, Esther Stocker and Peter Quehenberger (2013); Lissie Rettenwander, Klaus Händl and Heidrun Sandbichler (2016); Jürgen Bauer, Romana Fiechtner and Peter Blaas (2018); and Martin Gostner,
Thomas Larcher, and Teresa Waas (2020).
This year, the archive of Tyrolean artists will be expanded to include visual artists Hellmut Bruch, Thomas Feuerstein, Nora Schöpfer, and Micha Wille, and the musician Florian Horwath.


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