06.05.2022 DJ-Set

Florian Horwath

at Innsbruck International Office

‘G String’ is Florian Horwath’s first solo album in ten years. At one point, Sven Regener helped Florian Horwath stay true to himself. He doesn’t give a damn about recording technology, what matters is the moment. If it electrifies you, lifts you up, brings tears to your eyes, sends shivers down your spine, then you’re done. One take is the magic number. Perfection is death.
Legendary duet with Nina Persson of the Cardigans, various tours with Element of Crime, European tour with the Cardigans. By personal request of the artists, special guest performances with Patti Smith and Beck. Also writes. Filmmaker, scripts, acting. Design. The Essence (together with Frank Leder). Project with I-Wolf. Rocket Science. Albums with Seelenluft (including the hit ‘Horse with No Name’) and as Grom. Austrian Film Award 2021, Best Film Score. Tiantan Award Beijing, China, Best Film Score (biggest cultural festival in China). Projects with the painter Martin Eder, Erobique. Own hat collection with Mühlbauer hatmakers, including a concert tour in Japan.


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