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GGGNHM – guggenheim in innsbruck?

God´s Entertainment
GGGNHM – guggenheim in innsbruck?

Unveiled in 2020 in Floridsdorf, Vienna, the GGGNHM is a walk-in sculpture and an auratic interpretation of the Guggenheim Museum in New York. GGGNHM subtly and playfully reconfigures this public space to expand the city of Innsbruck beyond its boundaries, reaching from the Marktplatz (market square) all the way to New York City.
Acting as a temporary museum, GGGNHM is being ‘blown up’ to serve as a public space for thinking and practising. Opening on 6 May 2022, it will present three exhibitions that explore the oscillating levels of remembering, forgetting, and disappearing to encourage the public to engage in a lively discussion regarding the known, the unknown, the present, and the past. During an engagement of just under three weeks, performances and concerts in and around the museum will extend the dialogue into the public realm to transform the spacious but largely untapped city square into an interactive nexus of diversity, thus becoming a central hub of the city.
As such, the exhibition venue itself becomes the work of art, with the market square providing a platform for dialogue between the art space and the public at large, between the art audience and the market, between skateboarders and musicians, students and professionals, and between locals and tourists. Consequently, the work as a stylistic device and its implementation as an on-site social sculpture becomes a dialogue — the museum becomes an interactive exhibition space in a public urban space. It offers the opportunity to explore how, for example, the market square can act as a transitory centre for art and culture in Innsbruck.


Supported by:
BMKOES / Frischluft
Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien

Innsbruck International Office