21.05.2022 Concert


Rosa Anschütz


live in concert

at Musikpavillon, Hofgarten

Iku divides her time between music and sculpture. Her audio work layers and carefully weaves associative samples into a complex entanglement of emotionally-charged sounds. The Berlin-based musician and visual artist playfully balances ambient elements with thumping club beats and creates a fascinating mesh of poetic lyrics, hypnagogic piano progressions, alien insect sounds, and horror movie soundscapes.

Passionate and oddly baroque in its digital zeitgeist, Golin’s work blurs the lines between mainstream pop and experimental electronic music. Her approach is informed by a unique perspective on the way music can mediate contemporary experience of cultural and physical displacement.
She first appeared in 2016 as Rin, featuring on Ziúr’s track “Lilith”. Her debut as Golin – the entirely self-produced debut EP Momo (Midlife Music) – came the next year in 2017, followed in 2018 by Fushigi, a collaborative EP with producer Buga, courtesy of Shanghai’s Genome 6.66 Mbp label. Following a two-year residency at Brussels’ favorite cultural house Beursschouwburg and a year as part of the European SHAPE network’s platform, the CalArts-trained dancer released her most recent solo EP Crush via True Panther’s Twin imprint in October 2020.
Golin is a Japanese – American artist, singer, producer, classically-trained pianist and performance artist born in Tagawa, Japan.

Anschütz investigates and utilises various fields of Transmedia Arts with a focus on sound, object and scenery including photography and film, creating a collage within and beyond her music.
As a performer Anschütz embeds her reverberated voice – oscillating between singing and spoken words – in the delicately constructed sound structures that she creates with guitar, bass, drum machine and modular synthesizer. Her voice softly floats without losing its depth through the ethereal and hypnotic sound spheres – from the sacred, gloomy mood reminiscent of Nico to the post-punk aura of Joy Divisions.
With the debut record „Rigid“, which came out on Quiet Love Records in 2019, Anschütz successfully amalgamated her daily notes and rituals as well as the highs and lows of the emotions into the stunning EP. It was soon followed by „Votive“, her first full length album featuring a collection of nine ‘votives’, through which the artist rendered not only her sonic gift but also the physical transformation of the offerings as the ceramic objects. The album „Votive“ received highly acclaimed reviews such as ‘fascinating, captivating album down to the last chord’ to ‘an impressive work that sums up the world of feelings.’
Rosa Anschütz is a German artist, composer and vocalist based in Berlin and Vienna.


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